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Lessons will be held weekly for 8 sessions, where you will concentrate on the basic figures and musical timing of your chosen dance style. This introductory course is great for beginners who would like to enjoy social functions with confidence and poise, or for those who simply love to dance. No prior dance experience or partner is required.





8 lessons (1 hour) - S$150

8 lessons (1.5 hours) - S$160 (Youths)

intermediate courses

For those of you who have learned the basics of your chosen dance style, our Intermediate Dance Courses will be a perfect opportunity to learn new techniques and choreographies. The course may be taken as a follow-up from the Beginners course, or taken on its own for those who have the basic dance background in that style. In this course, you will also learn interesting class routine to impress friends during social functions and events. 




8 lessons (1hr) - S$170

8 lessons (1.5 hours) - S$180 (Youths)

advanced and technique courses

The Technique and Advanced Technique courses are catered for individuals who prefer more challenging dance movements and routines. After completing the Intermediate courses (or prior intermediate dance experience), students will learn more advanced figures and detailed technique in the particular dance style. Dance figures are broken down into its fundaments alongside more intricate choreography to allow students to focus on improving their quality of dancing. 

Advance - 8 lessons (1hr) - S$190
Technique - 8 lessons (1hr) - S$ 210

solo ladies

The 'Solo Ladies Latin' dance category was pioneered by our academy's founders, and its popularity has grown tremendously in competitions around Asia and parts of Europe. The reason is simple - why stop your dancing just because you do not have a partner? Everyone is free to dance independently and showcase his/her individual dance skills. 

In our Solo Ladies Latin course, you will learn special Solo Latin choreographies, fine-tune your sense of rhythm and strengthen your floor presence. Dance freely, stay fit and discover your own, unique style!

Levels offered: 

Beginners, Intermediate, Advance & Technique


 J&C Dance Academy organizes a myriad of performance opportunities at recitals and championship events. Though performing is optional, students have the most fun and satisfaction during the performance itself! You are free to express yourself through dance in your own unique way. Adults Showdance classes normally begin months before a performance event. The choreographies integrate a variety of other dance genres into the bases of Latin or Standard dance, to create a meaningful and entertaining dance performance.


The Competition Preparation courses is a step up from Technique and Advanced Technique classes. In this series, you will be able to challenge yourself with more in-depth dance techniques and performance skills. The class focuses on one or more of the WDSF judging components of competitions – Technical Quality, Music and Movement, Partnering Skills, and Choreography and Presentation. With such knowledge in mind, you will be more confident during competitions!

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