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Justino Hoi

Director & Principal 

With his fun and charismatic personality, Justino is often called the life of the party. He not only teaches competitive DanceSport, but social dance as well. Ever since Justino won the Tertiary Grade A Championships in 2016, he has been on a roll with numerous Team Singapore representations, including the recent Southeast Asian (SEA) Games 2019. Having been trained in Singapore and Italy, Justino is well-experienced and is currently training numerous DanceSport athletes for regional competitions, and is a main coach for a number of tertiary institution's dance teams.


Pang Wan Ching

Director & Principal 

Wan Ching​ is a favourite especially among the children, as she is known for her sweet and loving personality. She and her dance partner, Justino, have achieved increasingly impressive results at numerous international competitions in Asia and Europe, and was a representative to the highly competitive Southeast Asian (SEA) Games in 2019. 

Besides being DanceSport (competitive Latin) instructor, Wan Ching is also an experienced social dance instructor, and a coach at tertiary institution's dance teams. 

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Kelvin Toh

Professional Dance Instructor

Kelvin has achieved many outstanding awards throughout his dance and teaching career. One of it being the Gold Award winner for outstanding and contribution to People's Association (PA) in 2017. Kelvin was invited to join our team to bring our group of dancers to a greater height. Kelvin is well-experienced and teaches competitive Standard for children and adults, body conditioning classes as well as social dancing. 

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