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The World DanceSport Federation (WDSF) is the world's only governing DanceSport body recognised by the International Olympic Committee (IOC). 

Mission: To regulate, administer and develop DanceSport. For the benefit of millions of athletes at every level and on all continents!


The WDSF Medal Examination is an official examination comprising of 8 levels for each discipline – Latin, Standard and Showdance. Taking the WDSF Proficiency Test is a great opportunity for dancers of various expertise and experience to obtain certification in DanceSport - a special discipline that integrates Dance with a Sports-based culture.


The WDSF Medal Examination is for all ages and comprises of 8 levels for each discipline – Latin, Standard and Showdance.

  1. Pre-Bronze Medal

  2. Bronze Medal

  3. Silver Medal

  4. Gold Medal

  5. Gold Star Medal

  6. Elite Star Award

  7. Prestige Star Award

  8. President Star Award


Besides taking private lessons, group Proficiency Test Preparation classes for both children and adults are available for sign-up months before the examination. Students may sign up for group and/or private lessons in preparation for the test.


We highly encourage students to participate in the dance examinations as it is a great way to learn the essential dance techniques before proceeding to the next dance level. Though taking the test is not compulsory, it is an option for students who would like to receive a qualification for the dance courses they have attended.

The WDSF Medal Examination is held annually at our Academy with certified international examiners.

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