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It is the dream of many couples to perform a beautiful wedding dance on their wedding day. On this joyous occasion, sharing the special moments with loved ones through a memorable performance can create an unforgettable memory of a lifetime.  Whether you have a dance background or none at all, our Wedding Dance Package is a comprehensive program customised to every client's background and needs. Sign up with us to make your wedding dance a spectacular highlight of your event!


The Waltz is the traditional Wedding Dance. It is perhaps the most elegant and romantic of the Ballroom Standard dances. Graceful and regal, this dance gives a wonderful feeling on the dance floor. Learning to dance the Waltz is perfect for your wedding day. We offer a range of beautiful music from which couples can choose to dance to.


Rumba is a Latin American dance known to be a dance of love. Dramatic and sensual, Rumba is a popular choice for many romantic hearts.


Do you envision a Wedding Dance that has a more fun and “spicy” flavor? Our team of expert dance choreographers will be able to help you choreograph a Salsa routine to the music of your choice, including manageable stunts that will definitely impress your family and friends!


While the former 3 are the most popular wedding dances, there is a large variety of styles you can choose. Learn Tango, Cha Cha, Jive, or even choose your own medley of dances.

You may have a favorite song that you wish to dance to. In our Wedding Dance Program, we will work closely with the you to achieve your vision, be it a Classic Waltz, a fun Salsa or something unexpectedly unique for their wedding.

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